Privacy Policy

The website does not use any obtrusive web analytics software like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mint, Piwik, StatCounter, Mixpanel, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Web Analytics, or anything else for that matter.

Such tools often allow website administrators to reliably identify users based on multitude of personal data like IP address, tracking cookies, browser information, and on-site scripts (e.g. though JavaScript snippets) on the premise that they only employ them for measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of visitor behaviour for purposes of understanding and optimising web usage.

Although this may be the case in theory, their usage compromises user privacy, usually without their actual understanding, and sometimes even explicit consent, despite any pop-ups or information blocks the website may present since unfortunately most Internet users nowadays are not fully aware how much of their online usage can actually get tracked across multiple websites.

In all honesty, neither is the operator of the current website, but the strong belief that the Internet is not for mass surveillance played a key role in the deliberate decision to opt out of consciously or unconsciously taking part in such. The only thing that may get analysed are web server logs for the purposes of eliminating any previously occurred technical faults, as well as ensuring as reliable and as secure operation as possible.

Any sensitive data simply does not get saved or processed by anybody. All internal information about traffic, page views, bandwidth used and geographic location of visitors is available only in summarised form and cannot be connected to any particular user even if the person analysing it wanted to.