What are some top universities for PhD in Mechanical Engineering?

2 Aug

This is my answer to the same question on Quora. The original poster was further interested in universities outside the US and specifically located in Asia or Europe.

As the anonymous lists, and especially the German one, are highly incomplete, I would suggest that you look at the Which are the best universities in Germany for getting a degree in mechanical engineering? quora topic as well. We are discussing degrees in general, but my subjective choice, for example, is moslty focused on research in Mechanical Engineering and topics near it.

Basically, some decent choices could include:

  • France: at least any of the grandes écoles that comprise ParisTech[1]
  • Germany: at least any of the German Institutes of Technology
  • Switzerland: ETH Zurich, EPFL
  • UK: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London
  • China: Tsinghua, Peking, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Fudan
  • Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Tohoku, Waseda, Keio
  • other EU members: a technical university from TU Austria, the 3TU.Federation, or the Nordic Five Tech.[2]

Of course, there are good mechanical engineering programs all over the world and I think you should focus on what exactly you are looking for specialisation in Mechanical Engineering, as it is a huge chunk of human knowledge, and according to that make your choice for a university. Look at other topics here on Quora, search for differnt rankinkgs (including on countries/cities/universities/departments), read relevant papers from your area and see where the authors are currently working and/or where they did their PhD. Good luck with your application!

[1]: One should note that there are other prestigious grandes écoles in France and that the best French universities offer their own high-quality engineering programs as well. (Sep 29, 2014)
[2]: There is a similar trend in many other EU and non-EU countries. This short list was constructed as a starting point for an extensive research with varying results for different people. (Feb 26, 2015)