Swiss Startup Tour

3 Apr

Originally posted on May 9, 2012 for the PionierGarage, the student’s entrepreneurship club at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and currently one of the biggest in Central Europe.

As most of you already know, our last Startup Tour took place in Switzerland. Like everything the PionierGarage does, it was just awesome! :)

On May 2, we arrived in Zurich, where we would mainly stay. Of course, our program didn’t wait and we immediately visited TECHNOPARK Zurich and ElectricFeel with CEO and co-founder Moritz Meenen who co-founded our own PionierGarage as well. We then went to HUB Zurich. Last but not least, we had an inspirational talk with Reto Frei, founder of the first from the famous “tibits” vegetarian restaurants.

On our second day in Zurich, we spoke with CEO Roman Gaus of UrbanFarmers, Doodle co-founder Paul Sevinç, BlueLion Incubator and the inventors of the scanner mouse – Dacuda. We even had the opportunity to try the professional life of a real surgeon in a virtual reality thanks to our extremely welcoming hosts of VirtaMed. At the end of the day, the PionierGarage organized the first Founders’ BBQ (Gründergrillen) in Switzerland. Lots of people visited – it was a huge success. We hope it will flourish thanks to the startup community for its own members as it has proved to be able to not only in Karlsruhe but in other cities like Stuttgart and Hamburg as well!

May 4 was our third day in and around Zurich. We started with a talk from Creathor Venture and then went to Centralway in Winterthur and Technopark Luzern.

Saturday, May 6 took place in the Hub, neither due to the weather being worse than what it was during the previous days, nor only thanks to the hospitality of the whole team there. It was because we had plans to make a compressed version of a Startup Weekend. In just a few hours, all teams were able to achieve more than most could do in such events for twice or thrice the time! Adjectives like motivated, focused and hard-working can’t fully describe a mighty Pionier working passionately on a great idea!

In the end, we met the creative founders of Waldraud and had a great and delicious time thanks to the people from the Senior Design Factory.

Many things could not be included in such a short text, but every single Pionier who took part in our Startup Tour in Switzerland will tell you that it was great and a lot better than our huge expectations!