New year, new headline

1 Feb

Although I do still agree with my old headline “O imitatores, servum pecus”, I recently decided to change it to something that I find more appropriate for my personal website right now.

Imitators who just copy like a piece of low-tech machinery and don’t think of how to or at least do not improve what they took elsewhere should be trained to do it properly through formal education. The implemenation of this might be a little bit tricky, but it is clear that without reverse contributions from people building upon the works of others there would be generally less amount of progress, no matter how you define that as long as it makes sense to most people out there.

Enough is enough, you all know what I mean… or at least I hope many of you do!

For a couple of months now I have been using “Exploration through intelligent machinery.” as a one-liner on various profiles of mine all over the Internet, but I have no idea why I chose to stick with the old one here until recently. I feel that the current version describes me as well as part of my activities and goals relatively good where the previous one would just state an idea which I agree with.

Moreover, it sprung up into my mind by itself. You may find this arrogant, but I prefer to quote myself than people who I even did not have the chance to meet in person. Otherwise it isn’t guaranteed that I know who I am actually quoting. Granted, I am probably not the very first being on the face of our lovely planet who said and used repeatedly the aforementioned words in this exact order, but as of the date of this publication I still haven’t found this character sequence appearing in any written text online. If you encounter something of this sort that I might find interesting and/or useful, feel free to contact me about it.

Let’s all see how often this short piece of human generated text would inspire me to write… ;)