What language(s) I want to learn and why

25 Feb

This is my answer to the same question on Quora, which was subdivided into the following three parts:

  1. What language(s) do you speak fluently now?
  2. What language(s) are you learning at the moment?
  3. What language(s) do you want to learn and why?

(1) Currently, I consider myself fluent in:

  • Bulgarian because I am Bulgarian who was born and raised in Bulgaria.
  • English because I grew up almost bilingual with it thanks to extensive language classes in and outside of school, movies, music, the Internet, etc.
  • German because I have studied it extensively during high school and have been living in Germany and studying at university in it since 2010.
  • Macedonian because it is the closest living language to Modern Bulgarian and I am often in contact with people and things from our culturally closest country.
  • Old Church Slavonic because I like reading historical texts written in it. However, I can’t speak it since it is a dead language, even more so than Latin.

(2) I have been studying the following languages:

  • Russian because I occasionally use technical literature or listen to it, either through TV, music, or just when I am surrounded by a lot of Russian speakers.
  • Romanian and Modern Greek because I have always wanted to communicate freely with our culturally closest neighbours with non-Slavic native languages.
  • Esperanto because of the answers to: Which conlang can be considered best for everyday usage? And because it’s the original internacia lingvo. :)

(3) I would like to learn (in this order):

  • other Slavic languages (e.g. Serbian, Croatian, Slovak, Czech, Polish) since I have enjoyed a significant amount of texts, movies and songs in many of them.
  • Modern Turkish and maybe Albanian because I am also curious about our other Balkan neighbours since we still have a lot in common in our cultures.
  • Italian, French and maybe Spanish because I often appreciate the music, movies, cuisine, and literature coming from regions where they are spoken.
  • Standard Chinese and maybe Japanese because I was curious about and tried properly studying both in the past and still find them very interesting.

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