What is this all about?

1 May

What exactly should you await from this blog?

In fact, I won't write on any one specific topic. The most likely scenario comprises many texts, each of whom connected with some of my interests as described on the “About” page and the blog as a whole. No particular logic will presumably connect any two consecutive publications. Sometimes I will perhaps write over anything that happened to be an inspiration or a curio for me.

However, my purpose is to share as much information, which is significantly inaccessible, as possible. This can't really be objective as I could not search all over the Internet and beyond before every post just to judge how spread the written knowledge of something is. For example, I am truly interested in F1 and am more than happy that the first race from the 2011 season is on March 27, 2011 (tomorrow), but after the most competitions I won't give my own summary, mainly because there are already many (probably too many) sources providing the wide audience with such information. I won't usually try to think of any predictions, either, this time due to the fact that I normally prefer not to ruin my (and maybe others') enjoyment of an event itself. The last is valid generally and not only in connection with this particular interest of mine.

Nevertheless, I will list some topics of what I will be sharing without even trying to reach entirety:

  • good books, songs, movies, videos, thoughts (naturally, according to my taste)
  • different (web) services I (don't) use accompanied by my reasons for it
  • (mostly) my travels, experiences, ideas
  • science and engineering in general – new and/or interesting discoveries, inventions, facts
  • programming
  • some of my very few fiction stories

Once again, I wish a lot of pleasant minutes here. I will be happy to get any feedback through the comment option under every publication and/or e-mail. You, my readers, will thus help me with the creation of the content and direct it somewhere, a little closer to what you would like to see. Of course, I cannot change myself in order to satisfy everybody, so if you don't like my style in general, nor do you find any useful information here, no one stops you to leave at any moment. However, I am still thankful to you for your time spent reading my stuff. :)